How To Increase Memory Power Efficiently

Your brain is one part of your body where the old saying ‘use it or lose it’ definitely applies. If you don’t constantly exercise your mental faculties, you eventually start forgetting things. However, your rate of memory deterioration depends on many other factors. If you eat the wrong foods, your memory can deteriorate faster.

boost your memory

If you have hypertension or have other cardiovascular risk factors, your memory can slow down faster than you think. Finally, besides the physical hardware factors behind memory degradation, there are also environmental factors.

If you are constantly under stress or if you don’t get enough sleep, your memory power slows down. It stands to reason that if you want to improve your memory power, you have to reverse and counteract the factors outlined above. Follow the tips below to proactively boost your memory power.

Play Memory Games:

Every day, try to play some sort of memory game for at least a few minutes. The more time you devote to these games, the better. Memory games don’t have to be elaborate. You don’t have to buy a game board or a fancy piece of software to jog your memory. In fact, you don’t even need to have any cards or physical or tangible game pieces for you to play mental games. You only need to devote the right amount of time and effort to your memory game.

One common game you can play is to go through your mental Rolodex and place faces with names. Once you have done recalling ten to twenty people you know and matching their faces to their names, the next level of the game is to remember 3 things about each person. As you get better with the game, you can increase the number of people, or you can increase the number of details you remember for each person.

Get Out or Invite People over More Often:

Talking with and sharing laughter and joy with friends and family not only helps you bond with the people that matter most in your life, these activities can also boost your memory. Interpersonal interactions help fire several cylinders in your mind’s engine.

The more you socialize the more you hone these mental processes and the less your memory power erodes. The great thing about hanging out with people, when it comes to memory and recall abilities, is that you exercise your mental faculties without exerting too much effort. Compare this with playing memory games. The more you hang out, the better your memory gets. At worst, it helps arrest slippage in memory skills.

Get on The Right Diet:

If you have hypertension, it would be a great idea to get on a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet. Hypertension has been linked to a reduction in cognitive skills and ability due to decreased blood flow levels. Ideally, you should switch to a diet that is rich in seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Nuts like walnuts have high levels of Vitamin E which help improve brain functions. Seeds like flax seeds have plant-based Omega 3 which can help boost brain and memory function.

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