Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work

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There’s so much attention these days on testosterone, and particularly men’s testosterone.

The issue is that there seems to be an overall decline in men’s testosterone compared to previous generations, and it’s starting to really have a noticeable and negative effect on men overall.

If you read the latest statistics and reports, it looks like men today have about 20% less overall testosterone flowing through their veins than their dad’s generation. That’s a huge drop in testosterone. Especially when you consider how beneficial healthy and vibrant levels of testosterone are to men.

Testosterone used to just be viewed as the sex hormone. It was what made men horny and wanted to have sex.

Though it is true that testosterone plays a significant role in libido, sexual desire, and sexual function (i.e ability to get and maintain an erection), it affects so much more of a man’s physical body and mental outlook.

Weight, heart, liver, kidneys, bones, energy, stamina, mental acuity, and general mood are just of the other areas of a man’s life that are impacted by testosterone.

Men are becoming more aware of all these health benefits associated with testosterone and they’re also becoming aware of the decline of testosterone, and they are looking for ways to not only preserve and protect their testosterone levels, but they are also looking for ways to increase it and get it back into strong healthy levels.

The Popularity Of Testosterone Boosters

Because of the declining T levels and the increased market awareness of the benefits of testosterone, natural testosterone boosters have been on the rise. You can even see ads on TV for testosterone boosters like Nugenix, Test x180 Ignite, and Ageless Male are ones that immediately come to mind.

Manufacturers of testosterone booster products like the ones mentioned above understand that there is a real market need for products that boost or increase testosterone, and some of them, like Nugenix and Test x180 Ignite have done a very good job at marketing their products.

Most sporting events always include commercials for testosterone booster products like these. Try watching a UFC fight, and you’re guaranteed to see a Test x180 Ignite commercial multiple times.

However, just because a product is popular and you see advertisements of it on TV, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good product.

Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

It’s a fair question especially in light of the problem that men are having with testosterone in modern times.

The answer to the question isn’t so black because, in reality, the answer is it JUST DEPENDS.

It depends on the testosterone booster. Not all testosterone boosters are created equally.

Some testosterone boosters don’t have any testosterone boosting ingredients that have been proven to actually boost T!

prime maleOther test boosters, like Prime Male, have over 12 different ingredients that have been scientifically studied and proven to boost testosterone.

So it really makes a difference on which testosterone booster you use.

Here are a few keys to look for in a testosterone booster to ensure that it works:

  • Make sure the test booster uses at least 5 different ingredients that have been proven to boost testosterone
  • Make sure that all the dosage levels are listed for each ingredient in the formulation
  • Make sure the dosage levels are high enough to be effective
  • Stay away from boosters that have a proprietary blend
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