The Gift Of Movement – Your Child’s First Tricycle

kids-first-tricycleDo you have an active toddler and are looking for a way to help them discharge some of that energy?

Buying them a tricycle may be the answer!  For a while, it appeared that these three-wheeled vehicles were headed for the boneyard. Recently, however, they are enjoying a well-deserved resurgence in popularity.

Many adults have fond memories of driving up and down the sidewalk or driveway on their trike. They had freedom to move and experience new adventures.

Today’s tricycles are still one of the best ways to introduce your child to exercise and movement. They are operated by pedaling which helps strengthen the legs and improve big motor skills. They must be steered which helps develop eye-hand coordination and the ability to anticipate future actions. Riding a trike is a lot of fun, but there are some real cognitive and physical development benefits as well.

Choosing the right tricycle for kids is important. You don’t want it too big for your child to enjoy nor too small to provide some exercise. It is also important to purchase a safe trike that will not fall apart under toddler energy.

The first consideration when looking at a trike for your child is your child’s age. There are different features and styles on a tricycle and what is perfect for a toddler may not work for a five-year-old. If you child is younger, you might consider starting out with a trike without pedals that just scoots along propelled by your toddler’s feet. As your child gets older, they can learn how to pedal and direct their tricycle.

Another consideration is space. Where will your child be riding their tricycle and how much space will they have. Choose a tricycle that will allow your child as much freedom of movement as possible, but still be safe. Always ensure they are protected against injury with a helmet and knee pads. Riding a tricycle is a great way to expend energy and give parents a much-needed break!

Watch how good these kids are at riding their tricycles:

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